SONG OF THE DAY Fat White Family – Tinfoil Deathstar

2015FatWhiteFamily_Press_261015.article_x4I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on Fat White Family’s latest album, ‘Songs For Our mothers,’ and agree that they do tend to gnaw right down to the bone with their subject matters and have subsequently asked, is there any need for it?

I’d also have to conclude, however, that this is part of the parcel with the Fat Whites and whilst it’s clear that they do go for that shock value, it’s also evident that they do not take themselves too seriously and lets face it, you don’t have to listen….

I’m liking what I’ve heard of the album so far though and am wondering why it has taken me so long to get round to listening to it! I love the fact that they have once again nailed that nice, sleazy sound and after catching ‘Tinfoil Deathstar’ on the radio whilst waiting in a&e with my friend recently, (a saving grace amidst a long wait), my ears instantly pricked up and I immediately knew it was the FWF playing; you can’t mistake their slinky, brassy sound.

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