SONG OF THE DAY Lower Plenty – Dirty Flowers

Lower Plenty are an interesting Melbourne-based four piece whose experimental ensembles have given them a rather alternative and individual edge.

a3025897559_10When the band aren’t gigging together they spend a lot of time jamming and have been playing together as a band since 2010.  Releasing a debut album that same year it was their notable follow-up in 2012 that received critical acclaim, with Australia’s music magazine Mess + Noise voting it album of the year.  Titled “Hard Rubbish” this was a folk tinged album that nestled comfortably in between the realms of melodic indie rock and lo- fi experimentation.

Their latest offering is a deluxe edition of ‘Hard Rubbish’ which features an additional 10 tracks and is now available via indie label Fire Records.

Featuring on both the album is today’s song ‘Dirty Flowers, a thundering array of semi-tuneful feedback, cutting vocals and intense guitar riffs; some may say it’s hard to pick out the tune from the concoction of noise, but I like this rough-edged sound and am enjoying the disjointed order that rises out of this swarm of melodic chaos.

The Deluxe version of ‘Dirty Flowers’ is available now and can be found here


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