SONG OF THE DAY Xenia Rubinos – Laugh Clown

maxresdefaultBrooklyn-based composer Xenia Rubinos released her debut album earlier this June and if you are already familiar with ‘Black Terry Cat’,  you will no doubt appreciate what I am saying when I describe this album as a passionate, powerful and personal journey.  Covering topics such as politics, race, love, loss and all things in between, this album is an absorbing listen, its captivating and insightful content delivered with unyielding honesty.

Now I dare say I may not be the only female in the world to let out a wry grin when the first line of today’s song exclaims how, ‘I haven’t plucked my eyebrows since last month.  One of these days I’m gonna let my mustache grow back in,‘ but this is how ‘Laugh Clown’ opens up and grabs you.  Appearing on her debut album this track has been described by Xenia as ‘another song where I’m being honest and saying what’s on my mind’  and in an interview on Bandcamp’s daily blog Xenia also goes on to explain how,

”The song is partly about my dad. My dad had a chain that his mom gave him, and I dreamt that he lost it. When I woke up, I was worried about him. I wrote the song before he passed away. He was such a big part of my everyday life. So it was an exercise about letting go.

I recorded it while playing live. We had done another version of that song with keyboards. It was super complicated and it just didn’t feel right, so we threw the whole thing away. We had spent so much time on it. We went into the booth and Jeremy [Loucas] was like, “Sing the song, just sing it to me!” It’s me on the vocals and bass on the first shot. Some of it was improvisational. It was more important to have that raw emotion than for it to be perfect”.  Listen above.

Check out other LP features on Xenia Rubinos here and here  and purchase your copy of her album here.

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