SONG OF THE DAY Porches – Black Dress

Porches_JessicaLehrman.There’s a subtle charm about ‘Black Dress’ which made me go back a second time for a listen…

New York-based musician Aaron Maine, better known as Porches has just released his latest EP, ‘Water’ which follows the release of ‘Pool’ earlier this year.   His latest offering features early versions of some of the album’s tracks, alongside two new songs and also features today’s song, ‘Black Dress.’  This is what Aaron Main has said of the EP:

“I spent the first year after releasing ‘Slow Dance In The Cosmos’ teaching myself how to record music. I ended up with a bunch of pretty realized demos for songs that ended up on ‘Pool’ during that process. It was a loose and explorative time for me. I wanted to release a select few of these “demos” because I always find the excitement captured by recording a song when you first write it to be almost impossible to recreate later down the line. I chose to re-record all of the songs that were to be on ‘Pool’ because I felt like by the time I had a batch of songs that I felt would make an album, I had grown as a producer and wanted to give them another pass. Either way, it’s fun to listen back to these earlier versions of the songs and remember how they first existed. “

Released via Domino Records, ‘Water’ was released on September 2nd and is now available to purchase from here.


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