SONG OF THE DAY The Ar-Kaics – Just My Life

image_feba0d45-d6ef-4753-a1ae-5d1973722b4b_largeHot on the heels of The Mystery Lights album, WICK Records are back on the 45rpm format with a brand spankin’ new release by Richmond, Virginia’s own, The Ar-Kaics.

With a classic, raw, garage-psych sound coursing through their veins, The Ar-Kaics most definitely know how to rock, and their music has been rolling for a few years now with what looks to be one of their earliest releases back in 2013.



Now signed to Daptones psych-sister, garage label, The Ar-Kaics are to release their first single, ‘Just My Life’ on the 28th of this month.

Check out a brief snippet of this bass-driven, haze above and be sure to to check out its equally groovin’ B-side, ‘It’s Her Eyes.’



Listen to previous Ar-Kaics works here

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