SONG OF THE DAY James Brute – Here She Comes

downloadWhen you listen to the well-crafted songs of James Brute, you’re getting so much more than just bloody good music, for entwined in these walls of intricate rhythms and memorable melodies are lyrics that tell stories and lines that paint pictures; including vivid imagery of characters from the Old Testament and Greek mythology.

James Brute is the stage name of a James Steel, the front man of recently disbanded four piece, The Brute Chorus.  Going it alone, the distinct rockabilly, folk-based, blues sound has followed, but his more recent recordings are entering new and darker realms.

Songs of love, lust, loss and the woes of a damaged heart continue, but are now a little darker round the edges and this you can hear in his latest offering, ‘Here She Comes.’  Driven by the rolling accented beats of a snare and a heavy melody, this is a song of love and its intoxicating consequences with opening line, ‘Well I feel like Don Quixote on mezcal and peyote, Taking on the windmills of my mind.’ Check it out above

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