SONG OF THE DAY Iris Gold – Ten

iris-goldIris Gold is a name you may already be familiar with, but for me this is a new discovery.

UK-born and Denmark-raised, Iris Gold is a R&B artist whose sound has been heavily influence by the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, her inspirations also deriving from the hippy counter-culture of that era too.

Growing up listening to old hip-hop and soul, Iris Gold’s sound has been shaped and crafted from these old sounds, with influences ranging from the likes of, Howlin’ Wolf, Blaxpoitation films, Beastie Boys and De La Soul.

Posted just over two weeks ago on her Soundcloud page comes the stripped-back wonder of ‘Ten,’ a song built solely around the funk of Gold’s solid vocals which, accompanied by an jumpy guitar and funky brass melody, makes for a raw and edgy listen.



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