SONG OF THE DAY Christian Fitness – Bad Boys Die In The Bath

a0435990492_10“One ‘man’. band. NOT a solo artist. all songs created by imagined multiple personalities, some of which are shy. three records out now. drums by friends, everything else by this prick. enjoy or get gone. x”

UK artist Andrew ‘Falco’ Falkous is best known for fronting and founding the Cardiff-based punk band, Mclusky and, more recently, performing as lead singer/guitarist for Future of the Left.  Current projects also include his one-man-band venture, (as described by himself), Christian Fitness.

Releasing his third Christian Fitness album this September, Andrew Falkous recorded his latest full-length offering in Cardiff and gave it the curious title, ‘This Taco is not Correct.’ But it would seem that the title is not the only curious thing about this release, for his first single, (described as, ‘this is the first we-finished-it-just-about-so-I’m-putting-it-on-soundcloud song’ ) is all about the half-life of sperm!…and why not!

‘Bad Boys Die in the Bath’ kicks off with some nice meaty drumming, rocky guitars and catchy vocals and just as it hits the 2 minute mark it all goes a bit wild, wacky and crazy, which is a nice and unpredictable twist..perhaps I shouldn’t have given that one away but you should check it out yourself to see what I mean anyway.. Listen above.

Released this September you can listen and purchase  ‘This Taco is not Correct’ from Falkous’ Bandcamp page here.


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