SONG OF THE DAY Little Barrie – (Nothing Will) ELIMINATE

lb-copy-4-700x466Ever since the London-based trio Little Barrie emerged from Nottingham in 1999 they have been cooking up their very own unique blend of surf-rock, blues and good old-fashioned psych-infused garage!

Early next year the band are set to unleash some more of their musical goodness in the form of new album, ‘Death Express.’  Ahead of this release the band have shared latest single, ‘Love Or Love’ with today’s song it’s B-side.

‘(Nothing Will) Eliminate’ glides elegantly along on a hypnotic, garage-infused melody, with silky-smooth vocals and fluttering snare beats adding a very pleasing and contrasting dynamic to the mix, if this is the shape of things to come, roll on Spring.

Check out tour dates and more about the band here. 

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