SONG OF THE DAY Cherryshoes – Rock Star

cherryshoes-headerIn the Autumn of 2015 I was captivated by the enticing charms of Welsh collective, Cherryshoes, but somehow failed to follow their progress.  Lucky for me, however, I have received some new sounds from the band and I am once again enthralled.

Describing themselves as ‘rare, ill-fitting, unexpected and eccentric’, this electronic, dark pop noir outfit have much to offer. Their sound is captivating and enticing, led by Edna Beatty ( El-Jay) whose  delicate and hypnotic vocals delicately weave their magic throughout the many spellbinding layers.

Brought together ‘by the spirit of Mally Powell, singer Edna Beatty’s hillfarming, street fighting, glamrocking, crossdressing, biker Uncle’, the band are united by his memory and look to his influence as an inspiration for their unique sound.

..’They can be found cranking their broken music box in the ruins, wreckage and remains of castles, chapels and country houses throughout Wales and its’ borders.’…

Their music enters the realms of the peculiar and bizarre, tackling tales of pre madonnas, real life vampires, wild horses, Fly Agaric mushroom flights, obsession love and stalking, and their music will escort you to these far out places too if you choose to listen and join them for the ride.

Cherryshoes are in the process of recording their first album with no release date available as of yet, but do have a new EP due for release this Spring.  In the meantime, I urge you to check out their Soundcloud page, for there is plenty to get you started on there and once you hear them, you will be hooked.

Rock Star is one of their latest offerings, simple in structure, delicate in delivery, yet distinctly powerful, hypnotic and addictive.  El-Jay has the ability to do so much with so little, her quirky and unique-sounding vocals are so versatile, quietly adapting to a sparse and stripped-down song such as Rock Star and then soaring above the rolling drums of more upbeat sounds of Justice.  I predict good things for this Welsh outfit and won’t take my eyes off them this time! Listen to the fantastic Rock Star above and be sure to listen to their other music if you like what you hear so far.

Check out their website here

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