SONG OF THE DAY Rob – Make It Fast, Make It Slow

Are you ready to get funky? If the answer is yes then you had better brace yourself, for this is one racy ride!

Courtesy of the great Soundway Records  I’ve stumbled upon ROB, an “enigmatic recording artist from Ghana.”  Releasing two albums in 1977 for the Essiebons label, ROB’s music is defined by his trademark horns and smooth afro-funk sound.  At the time of their release the two albums cut by ROB had little impact, but now they are highly sought after by many collectors.

Today’s song is the title track from ROB’s 1978 album, Make It Fast, Make It Slow, with the trademark horn sections supplied by the Mag-2, an army band founded by leader AmponsahRockson, who named it after the army unit the band played for the “magnificent” second battalion.

ROB certainly sound’s like he’s enjoying the whole experience, with his amorous gasps throughout, but who can blame him, this is one spicy song that I’m more than happy to get my teeth into! Listen above.

Released a couple of days ago via Soundway Records, you can hear more and purchase your copy of Make It Fast, Make It Slow from here.  Not The End is definitely another track from this album I can recommend!

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