SONG OF THE DAY Paper Tiger – Rush

Paper Tiger emerged a few years ago when a few music-obsessed teenagers came together in a bedroom in Wolverhampton.  Their passion for all things musical fused them together, whilst their collaborative creative ideas were born from their shared love for African funk compilations, Japanese animation, soundsystem culture and apocalyptic space-rap!  I first stumbled upon them early last year (see my post here) and have been keeping a close eye on them ever since!

Their latest release is a dazzling single called, Rush, which a song about the city, namely London.  Paying homage to the capital, the song offers a fresh big sound where rich space-funk marries big beats and a hip-hop instrumental. Witty rhymes are delivered by South London-based Raphael Attar, who’s crisp and flowing vocals offer another effective rhythmic dimension to these intergalactic layers!

Band member Greg Surmacz had this to say of the track:

As the title suggests, Rush is about the city that most of its inhabitants experience on a daily basis – noisy, brilliant, infuriating and mainly just extremely goddamn busy. If you can make it to work and back without having to run to catch a train/bus/tube, standing on someone’s toes, getting in someone’s way or having your personal space invaded by a street evangelist, then you’ve had a successful day”

Listen to Rush above and pre-order your copy of this single (which releases on the 30th June) from here. 

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