SONG OF THE DAY Chayns – You

Earlier this month Chicago’s Numero label released Live On The Moon, an album of 60’s Texas rock’n’roll which has been unearthed by Numero Group’s, From the Stacks, imprint.  Consisting of 9 tracks from The Chayns early material, this album also includes their superb (and nicely slowed down) cover of The Strangeloves 1965 hit, Night Time. (which was originally issued on their own Chayn-Reaction Production)

Originally called the Monarchs, the band initially consisted of Wayne Gustafson on rhythm guitar, Dale Watson on bass, Bob Tunmer on drums, Charlie Eddleman on guitars/vocals and Myles Wells on lead guitar ( who was just 14 at the time but already writing most of their original recorded material!).  Not happy with their current name, the band had been searching for a new one and it was drummer Bob Tumner who inspired their new title after he appeared at a practice session one day with suede boots on and a chain down his leg!  The Chains was considered too ordinary and it was the spelling of Myles’ name that eventually led them to The Chayns!

Live On The Moon is a fantastic album and it was hard picking one song to feature today, but their 1968 track, One has got great dynamics; swapping between the quiet lull of the verse and loud storm of the chorus.  Two heavy bass notes and a sparse rhythm creates anticipation in the first verse, promising something bigger is brewing and when the chorus breaks into a crescendoing peak the tempo rises before dropping and subsiding once’s really effective and I love it when music keeps you on your toes!

Check it out above and listen to the whole album here. 


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