SONG OF THE DAY Francesca Belmonte – Stole

Francesca Belmonte has been described as a hip-hop blues artist and if you are familiar with her vocals style, you can see how she has gained this title and why it is she works so well with Tricky.

Featuring as a backing vocalist on various Tricky albums, Francesca Belmonte featured heavily on his 2013 False Idols and 2014 Adrian Thaws records.  In 2015 she embarked on a solo career, employing Tricky as her producer and mentor, releasing her debut album, Stole on his False Idols label that same year.

The albums title track has recently been re-vamped and is to appear on Tricky’s forthcoming 13th album, Ununiform which releases in two days time!  This reworked version is titled New Stole and has as a faster tempo while focusing on a new rhythmic, hypnotic and melodic dynamic.  This gives the track a more upbeat feel, whilst the sensual rawness of Francesca’s vocals remain prominent and the addition of Tricky vocals adds to the intensity.  Unfortunately I can’t say, ‘check it out above’ and play you this new song just yet because it will release with the album in a couple of days (but you can preview/download this track by following the link at the bottom of the page).  What I can play you is the 2015 original which I’m equally loving and just as happy to feature! Listen to this above.

Which version do you prefer?  Preview/download the new version here and listen to the original above.  There is also a free download of the original track on Francesca Belmonte’s Soundcloud page here.


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