SONG OF THE DAY Death And Vanilla – Dioz Delirium

Death and Vanilla emerged in 2010 with a self titled debut EP which was released on CD  with a run of only 100 copies available; needless to say the original is rather rare to come by.  Their sound nestles somewhere between 60’s sci-fi and ambient dream pop with all  their music created on vintage musical equipment including the organ, vibraphone, organ, Mellotron and Moog.  Keeping it retro, the Death and Vanilla steers towards vinyl as their format release of choice, with today’s song pressed on limited edition magenta vinyl!!

Enter into an atmospheric, psychedelic dimension with this Swedish band, their outer-worldly sounds do tend to creep under the skin, embedding itself in the mind!

Following on from the deluxe reissue Vampyr last year, comes Death And Vanilla’s unreleased live score of The Tenant.  Originally scored by Philippe Sarde, this release sees Death And Vanilla re-imagine the film’s soundtrack four decades on for a new audience. Dioz Delirium is a haunting instrumental, foreboding and dark, lonely and melancholic. Moments of hallucination and delusion mirror the lead character Trelovsky and the song itself reminds me of an even darker version of a Portishead track!

The Tenant, a 1976 psychological thriller based on Roland Topor’s novel, Le Locataire and directed by filmmaker Roman Polanski, is the final part of Polanski’s trilogy which also includes Repulsion (1965) and Rosemary’s Baby (1968).  Recorded in 2015 at Cinemascore festival in Spain alongside a two-hour performance and screening of psychological thriller, Death and Vanilla’s take on the soundtrack brings this dark narrative to life with their expansive and minimal sound! Listen above. 

The full album is due in February next year and can be pre-ordered from here. 

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