SONG OF THE DAY Good Good Blood – Dark Days

There is something so very restorative and healing about the music of Good Good Blood and latest track Dark Days is anything but dark.  On the contrary, its gentle nature diminishes the dark, banishing demons of any description with vibrant melodies of praise and promise.

UK singer-songwriter, James Smith, aka Good Good Blood, writes music from the heart that is both honest and sincere.  His minimal, DIY approach allowing him to define a very  unique sound through home recordings and self-production, drawing on his resourceful, inner world to bring all of his songs to life:  “Each one is a testament to the beautiful messiness of life, love and everything that goes with it”

Next month Good Good Blood is to release second album Sun Of A Gun, which was also written and recorded at home during the first flushes of spring and features 11 songs that reflect the birth and beauty of the time of the year they were born.  In the run-up to this much-anticipated record the young folk-inspired artist has shared Dark Days, a new track which blossoms with vibrant guitars, delicate ethereal vocals and grounding, earthy bass-tones.  Listen to this above and pre-order your copy of Sun Of A Gun from here. 

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