SONG OF THE DAY Jonathan Wilson – Canyon In The Rain

If ever a song could feel like the waves lapping at your feet, this would be the one.  Gentle, calming and carefree, this song could banish the harshness of any day, eroding stresses and washing away tension with its nourishing qualities.

North Carolina-born and now LA-based, Jonathan Wilson is a musician and producer whose sound has been described as “hippie-soul drenched folk-psych-rock.”  He has been recording and releasing his music in bands since 1995, embarking on his solo career in 2011, with his first studio album, Gentle Spirit, releasing that same year via Bella Union.

Aptly titled, the albums underlying theme is about the desensitization caused by daily exposure to mankind’s despair and our constant desire for inner peace in a world full of turmoil and disruption.

Canyon In The Rain provides just over 6 minutes of glorious escape, administering a  heady and medicinal dose of peace and calm for you to digest and enjoy at your leisure.. Listen above.

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