SONG OF THE DAY Fleetwood Mac – Rambling Pony

I can’t recall the first time I heard this song, all I know is that I loved it the minute it started playing and I love it just as much now!   What prompted me to play this track today is a very special friend of mine who also loves Fleetwood Mac…I dedicate this track to this brave and special man.

I remember thinking how Rambling Pony sounded like nothing I’d heard before and it was this track that got me listening to more of the Peter Green era…and I’ve never looked back..I love early Fleetwood Mac..

Today’s track featured on the bands 1969 compilation album, The Pious Bird of Good Omen.  The record consists of their first four non-album UK singles and their B-sides, two other tracks from their previous two albums and two tracks by blues artist Eddie Boyd, with backing by members of Fleetwood Mac.  Check it out above..

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