SONG OF THE DAY The Echo Oh’s – Rubber Glue

When it comes to the reinvention and revival of garage rock, you’ll go a long way to beat The Echo Oh’s, for they are Auckland’s finest purveyors of primitive rock’n’roll and swamp-pop!

Emerging in 2013, this retro 3-piece has been featured by The LP blog many times , I can’t get enough of these edgy psychedelic sounds!  More psycho-delic than psychedelic, The Echo’s add a touch of the sinister and eerie to their compositions, with deeply deranged bass lines, howling vocals and shady psych-tastic guitar melodies pioneering a new strain of dark psych-punk.    Their sound lurks in the shadows, far away from the sunshine haze of flower-powered pop, more jagged than jangle; sharp, fiery and fierce!

Hot Pockets is the last album that the band released and this came out in September last year via Waist Deep Records.  The record features a mix of tracks from the bands early (2015) EP’s as well as more recent material and is a superb mix of rocking vocals (a little bit Karen O with the melodic yelps) and authentic 60’s instrumental infusions, demonstrating the bands versatile repertoire of sounds.  Listen above and check out the band performing live below.  Listen/purchase The Echo Oh’s album/EP’ from here. 

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