SONG OF THE DAY Franck Biyong – Fai Mbuh

“We were booked to perform at this outdoor festival in Orleans and as we were about to depart from Paris, our percussionist still was nowhere to be found. We eventually had to travel without him, as we couldn’t afford to miss either our soundcheck or our performance. 

Playing African Music without ANY percussion is considered to be sacrilegious by many, even a complete blasphemy to some (which I perfectly understand) and we weren’t that thrilled to perform without one of the key members of our musical unit being present. 

Strangely enough, we wound up playing with more raw and bold energy than ever and this potentially lame show turned out to be one of our finest moments on (and off) stage. 

This show was promoted and produced by Mr. Pierre Perrault and his ABCD organization (whom we hereby thank), and attended by probably the best and most enthusiastic crowd we have had the experience of playing for” – Franck Biyong, December 2017

Paris DJ’s released their 27th EP in their Wearplay series just four days ago and this 6-track record features some glorious afrobeat-sunshine courtesy of Cameroonian Guitarist, composer, singer and creator of the Afrolectric sound, Franck Biyong.

Creating his very own ‘Alternative Afro-Electro-Rock’ or ‘Afrolectric Music’ genre, Franck Biyong is breaking new ground with his fusions of Rock, Electronica and African-flavoured beats. Also a talented multi-instrumentalist, Biyong plays electric guitar, bass, keyboards and a whole array of percussion and, amongst his many releases, has completed a string of Afrojazz albums.

Afro Bikutsi Live! was originally released last December, but has been reissued via Paris DJ’s and features the sonically vibrant and heartwarming delights of Fai Mbuh; four and a half minutes of joyous sunshine with upbeat percussion and dazzling’s the perfect accompaniment for today’s glorious sunshine..but if you haven’t got the sunshine, fear not, for this song has all the brightness and spirit you will ever need! Listen above and read what Franck Biyong had to say about this live performance!

Grab a copy of the album from here.

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