SONG OF THE DAY Tom Waits – Lie To Me

I know…another Tom Waits song I hear you say, but what I do like of Tom Waits I really like, and I love the bluesy rock and roll feel to today’s song. The urgency in the pace whisks you up whilst contrasting, subtle little embellishments like the chink of a guitar cuts through the whole melody.

Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards was released in 2006 on three separate CD’s, all of which varied greatly in sound and style.  The first disc (which opens with today’s song) was blues and rock-based, the second centred around slow-tempo, melancholic ballads and the third a more experimental mix, with the liner notes claiming there are “56 songs, of which 30 are new.

In a press release, Waits has described the collection as:  “A lot of songs that fell behind the stove while making dinner, about 60 tunes that we collected. Some are from films, some from compilations. Some is stuff that didn’t fit on a record, things I recorded in the garage with kids. Oddball things, orphaned tunes”

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