SONG OF THE DAY Jungle Fire – Snake Pit

Jungle Fire are a rousing bunch of musicians from LA.  Their original fusions incorporate a fine blend of Latin, funk, Afro and soul, earning them the title of the Tropi-Funk Juggernauts!

Starting out with the intentions of only ever being a one-off Afro Latin jam between friends, the band’s creations have taken them far beyond their original expectations.  Before they knew it they were playing to rapidly growing audiences, sold-out dance floors and music festivals in several continents.  Consisting of musicians who have played, recorded and/or toured with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ozomatli, Del the Funky Homosapien, Syl Johnson, Celia Cruz, LCD Soundsystem and many more, their sound is a direct reflection of the musical and cultural landscape of LA.

Releasing their debut album in 2014, Tropicoso is a unique blend of deep funk, West African dance music and Afro-Caribbean rhythms.  With a dramatic opening such as this, Snake Pit deserves the attention it instantly attracts and if you wondering where the snake’ part comes in, keep on listening.  Already gripped by the startling intro, it doesn’t take long for the song to unwind into a hypnotic, trance-inducing meander, wandering the twisting path of a serpentine melody.  Snake Pit will keep you in its clutches until the very end! Check it out above and listen to the rest of Tropicoso here.

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