SONG OF THE DAY DJ Format & Abdominal – No Time

Released in 2017, Still Hungry was one of my favourite albums of the year and it’s status lives on! I still rate this record as one of my favourites!!  Originally released in April 2017  the album was a monster success and topped Bandcamp’s album chart for over two months, also coinciding with a sellout tour.

The dynamics between Andy Bernstein (Abdominal) and Matt Ford (DJ Format) have had over 15 years to be perfected; the pair have been making music together since 2003 …and perfect they are! Lyrically and musically this duo are a tough act to beat when it comes to hip hop!!

So today I was reading a post on Abdominal’s Facebook page where he was talking about how its his birthday tomorrow and how the album, Still Hungry is currently sitting at 997,668 streams on Spotify! His desire is that it hits a million for his birthday and, albeit small, I’m hoping that this post will raise awareness and listens to help him achieve that goal! So today I present No Time, a completely fantastic track from the album that I can relate sooooo much, if ever a song was made for me this is it!!! Plus it encapsulates the expression of the whole record, that being an oh-so-easy listen that I/you can thoroughly enjoy from start to finish…again and again!!  Be sure to stream the album on Spotify if you can and check out more from them on my pages here. 

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