SONG OF THE DAY Dead Ghosts – Haunted House

Image may contain: 5 people, people standing, plant and outdoorSometimes you need a little kick start to get going!  I felt like that this morning, and whilst today’s original choice of song was something a lot more sedate (this will come later in the week now), I needed to shake the slumber from my weary bones and instead turned to this lairy bundle of garage rock to add a boost of vitality to my day!

Dead Ghosts breathe life into the classic sounds of garage rock, bringing their own retro sparkle into these 60’s inspired sounds!  For me, I can’t get enough of the psych sound and relish the thought of new bands emerging from the ashes of that golden era…and there are plenty to choose from!!

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Dead Ghosts are a four-piece band consisting of Drew Wilky, Mikey W, Moe Chuimento, Craig Pettman and Bryan Nicol.  Compared to the likes of Black Lips and King Khan & BBQ, this rowdy bunch have successfully tapped into a classic genre of music, bringing with them their own individual touch of organic lo-fi recording style with country-esque vibes.  Guitar melodies are sweet, jangly and nostalgic, whilst rhythms are cutting and edgy, sometimes verging on insane as they breathe life into Dead Ghosts, reviving a sound I love so dearly!

Taken from their 2010 self-titled record (I cant believe that is 10 years ago!!) comes today’s song, Haunted House! A short burst of furious psych which I assume from the lyrics below is about the need and desire to banish that feeling of being haunted by someone! Check it out above, watch the video below and listen/purchase the rest of the album from here. 

Parking lots are not a lot of fun
when we go out we don’t talk to anyone

Ya but you’re sober now
just set me free
you’re sober now
C’mon set me free

Eight years ago I told you my name
then you crawled back and started all over again

Ya but you’re sober now
just set me free
you’re sober now
C’mon set me free

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