SONG OF THE DAY Cross Wires – I Wanna Be Your Man Again

For their latest single Cross Wires tackles the issues of lost love.  You would perhaps expect such a song to be tender, wistful and a tad forlorn, but this is not how this alternative punk outfit operates.  On the contrary, I Wanna Be Your Man Again rises from the ashes of a burnt out relationship with fire and fury and a whole lot of craving.

In frenzied repetition the song ends with the line, I Wanna Be Your Man/I Wanna Be Your Man/I Wanna Be Your Man and, contrary to the aspiration of this heartbroken plea, the closing is just as fierce and raucous. And even as lines reminisce about all the things that went wrong, it only strengthens the resolve as lyrics recall, ‘All the things I hate about myself/I see in you and nobody else/but I still want to be your man/I wanna be your man’

I Wanna Be Your Man Again will feature on the band’s new three-track EP, Distraction Technique, which was recorded at Soundsavers in Homerton, East London and produced by Alex Clegg.  For anyone familiar with last year’s debut you may recognise this title as yes, this song was featured on their first record, but it will now also be available as part of the new EP.  This is to be released on Friday 1st May and will be accompanied by two other demo tracks (of which one is today’s song) which were recorded at Soundsavers in Homerton. Check it out above.

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