SONG OF THE DAY Kontrol – White Walls

Some days its hard to settle on a sound, some days I find it hard to settle full stop.  Today’s track has that something about it that made me stop and listen about for more than a few it fair I judge a song on the first few seconds? I do anyway, that’s the way it seems to work for me….you can tell in an instant can’t you?

White Walls is bold!  It’s grabs your attention and from the onset its savage beat has you surrounded!  It throws a little punk at you, teases you with some Huge Cornwall-esque vocals whilst guitars howl like sirens in your ear, stripping your sanity with their edgy blows..It’s good stuff!

I’d love to tell you more about this artist and this song, but I’m damned if I can find anything out there about Kontrol, other then he is from/based in Fullerton, California.  White Walls was released on April 20th and was “recorded in the dark with time and care”..and that it was mixed by Jonny Bell / Jazz Cats Studio in Long Beach, CA!  This looks to be his only release far too? Whatever the case, watch this space! Hopefully in the coming days I can track down some more information…until then, check it out above and if you like what you hear, you can purchase this track from Kontrol’s Bandcamp page here.

UPDATE (5/5/20)

…well, it would seem that this somewhat elusive artist likes a certain degree of mystery, but did respond to my email when I requested more details! Going by the name of Kontrol, Miguel Gomez had this to say:

“Ya, I’m kind of a mystery to most haha. I’ve been in a few burger projects but this one is just me at the moment. I created this noir kinda world with my music and esthetic.  The Velvet Underground is my bible. Still workin on more to come, I record at home when I can…”

Short and sweet indeed, but I like that element of the unknown; it’s quirky and keeps you intrigued! Thanks Miguel!

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