SONG OF THE DAY Thai Thanh – Bừng Sáng (Dawn)

Talk about an ear worm! Today’s song feels more like a mid-sized lughole snake and try as may, I can’t get this out of my head!…..not that I really want to! It’s insane! With heaps of crazy piano/sax solos squirreling about all over the place and a hypnotically melodic voice calling you in like a tempestuous siren, its hard not to get completely lost in this sound!! It’s a feast!

Performed by the Vietnamese-American singer, Phạm Thị Băng Thanh (a.k.a Thái Thanh), Bừng sáng (Dawn) was issued sometime between 1968-1974.  I can’t be more precise on the records release date at this point, so any details would be welcomed!?

Thái Thanh had a long-lasting musical career which spanned over a whopping 55 years and the only reason she gave up music when she did was because her health sadly prevented her from carrying on.  She was one of the most iconic singers of the Western-influenced popular music in Vietnam, known as ‘New music of Vietnam (Tân nhạc)’ and her unique style of singing combined Tonkinese folk music, French popular music and Western opera. This pioneering singing style had a significant impact on many younger singers and artists even after the Fall of Saigon and Thái Thanh became one of the most famous singers in the traditional style.  After the fall of Saigon she emigrated to become part of the musical diaspora in Orange County, California and remained there for the rest of her life….If you like what you hear, I’d urge you to delve deeper,; Thái Thanh is a fascinating artist! Listen above!

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