SONG OF THE DAY DJ Format & The Simonsound – The Peruvian

Back in 2011 DJ Format and The Simonsound teamed up once again to begin work on a new two-track project.  Eight years later, this single was finally released and what came out was their own electronic interpretation of two classic songs: Babe Ruth’s, The Mexican (check this on my blog, here ) and David Axelrod’s, Holy Thursday (check my blog here).  Whilst I’m not so sure about the Axelrod rendition, I love their Babe Ruth cover and chuckled when I saw the title they had given to this: The Peruvian!

The Peruvian was inspired by a record found in Tokyo which sounded like the guitar riff on the original version of The Mexican; this was the catalyst for the project!  In keeping with the original (which I very much love) the essence is much the same, only now the strong guitar melody is replaced by some cool, cosmic, fuzz electronics! Being only an instrumental you could anticipate that some of the oomph was lost, but on the contrary, this packs the same mysterious, dusty-desert buzz into its interstellar exploits!  Limited to only 500 pressings, you may find it hard to get hold of a copy of this, but very recently Mr Bongo Records featured The Peruvian on one of their great compilation series, Mr Bongo Record Club 4, which you can find here! Listen above. 

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