SONG OF THE DAY Terry Callier – I’m A Drifter

For many years the only version I knew of The Drifter was the gloriously psyched out 1967 rendition by H.P. Lovecraft.  Today’s song is also a cover of the original, but couldn’t sound further apart from Lovecraft’s, but that’s the beauty; how different interpretations can be!

The Drifter was originally written and recorded by Folk artist, Travis Edmonson and featured on his 1962 LP, Travis On His Own.  I’ve been searching for a copy of the original to include in this post, but can’t find one anywhere, so if anyone reading this can help, get it touch!?

Terry Callier adds something very unique and sacred to his adaptation of this song and that’s his crystal clear, silken vocals. Sewn sweetly into a tapestry of interwoven jazz/folk textures, his voice cuts through with velvety grace!  It’s stunning and I love how you can make out every word! Callier’s version appeared on his 1966 debut record, The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier Check it out above.

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