SONG OF THE DAY Los Saicos – Fugitivo de Alcatraz

Finding so much music everyday is something of a blessing and a curse! Much more of a blessing of course, how could I ever tire of the thrill of finding something new? That buzz you get when you unearth something so good! But a curse because it’s hard to keep on top of soooo much music, let alone get properly familiar with it!

Peru’s Los Saicos are one band I’ve been meaning to revisit ever since I featured them at the beginning of the month, so this is exactly what I’ve done tonight!

Considered one of the most original and influential Latin American bands of the 1960’s, Los Saicos were a pioneering Peruvian Garage/Proto Punk band from Lima, Peru. Inspired by the Western sounds of psychedelia, they didn’t just imitate, they replicated! They continued to sing in Spanish, composed their own music and never deviated from their own path/style!  This proved to be a winning formula for them as their sounds have since earned them the recognition as being global pioneers in punk rock!  In a short space of time during the 1960’s they became one of the most successful groups in their own country, fashioning a unique surf-influenced garage sound that would shape certain aspects of the later punk rock movement of the 70’s (You can read more about the band in my post here)

Fugitivo de Alcatraz was the b-side to their 1965 single, Te Amo.  It’s edgy, it’s raw, it’s gnarly and it’s psychedelic rock & roll at its finest!! Listen above.

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