SONG OF THE DAY Cotton Jones Basket Ride – I Was Stoned By The Choir

Formerly “The Cotton Jones Basket Ride”, Cotton Jones are an indie-folk outfit based in Cumberland, Maryland.  Founded in 2008, the band released three albums in two years, but haven’t issued anything since 2012. Maybe this is because lead singer-songwriter, Michael Nau, left to do his own solo thing (find some of that here), I’m not sure what happened after 2012? I do like their breezy 60’s-inspired folk-tinged charm though and find it smooths the edges of any a dark day.

Dazzled by the hazy psychedelic form of their 2008 track, Chewing Gum, I was drawn into this band a couple of years back and today find myself back in 2008 on their debut album, The River Strumming (the album Chewing Gum also features on).

Any song that opens with the repeated line “Black is the colour of the heart they gave me,” wouldn’t necessarily make you anticipate a feeling of light and purity, but I Was Stoned By The Choir is a trickster for that! It’s gentle melody builds a sense of soothing deliverance and you can’t help but be overwhelmed by a feeling of salvation as those gospel-tinged vocal harmonies release and soar! Check it out above.

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