SONG OF THE DAY Les As du Golfe – Tsi ma leto

This little Afrofunk gem comes with very little explanation I’m afraid! I can see only one album released by this band and even the issue date of this seems to be a mystery?

Hailing from Togo, Les As du Golfe had a sound rooted in Latin/Funk/Soul, but recorded very little – which is a crying shame.  Released on small label, Cocorico Music Productions (which also only had a small catalogue of releases), Les As Du Golfe En Action Vol.1 was the only record Les As Du Golfe put out, ‎and at a guess I would anticipate it was released in the early 70’s.

Tsi ma leto translates as “It’s Summer” and, with its fresh and promising vibe, this seems to be the perfect title for this song!?  Splashes of golden horns adorns this hypnotic melody, vast and jubilant as they buzz amidst rejoicing call/response vocals. This song does feel like a celebration to the sun and you can’t help but feel uplifted by it! Check it out above.

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