SONG OF THE DAY Voice of Darkness – Caution

Today’s stunning Afrofunk gem comes courtesy of Cameroonian group, Voices Of Darkness and features on their one and only eponymous LP, which was released in 1972. This song has it all when it comes to maximum sonic goodness, and those tight grooves, rich percussive meanderings and layers of hypnotic melodies are a welcome sound anytime of any day!!!

The Voices Of Darkness came together in Duala, French Cameroun in 1972 and, after many performances in several night clubs in Cameroun, eventually made their way Lagos, Nigeria.  That same year they were signed to African record label, Afrodisia Records (a label founded in 1972 by Decca – West Africa), and recorded one 45 in 1972 and an LP in 1974.

One year later the lead guitarist and saxophonist disappeared, and the rest of the group reformed the band. Whether or not they ever released again is a mystery as there is nothing more than one single and an album to their name. Needless to say their one record has become something of a collectors dream!

With only a handful of copies known to be in existence, an original pressing of their record is virtually impossible to get hold of, but luckily it was recently reissued! In 2014, co-produced with Voodoo Funk, Voices Of Darkness was reissued on Superfly Records! Wohoo!! Listen above.

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