SONG OF THE DAY Orlando Julius & The Afro Sounders – Alo Mi Alo (Parts 1 & 2)

Orlando Julius Aremu Olusanya Ekemode, known professionally as Orlando Julius or Orlando Julius Ekemode, is a Nigerian saxophonist, singer, bandleader and songwriter who made his reputation internationally in the mid-’60s with his smash album Super Afro Soul.  Not only considered to be very much ahead of its time when released, Super Afro Soul has helped to shape the funk movement in America; a feat which has earned him the title as “one of the heroes of Nigerian music!”

Starting out in the early 60’s, Julius began fusing traditional African sounds and rhythms with American funk, soul and R&B.  He spent many years performing and recording in his native Nigeria as well as in the USA where he worked and collaborated with an array of artists including, Louis Armstrong, Lamont Dozier, the Crusaders and Hugh Masekela. To this day his prolific career continues!!

Alo Mi Alo (Parts 1 & 2) was released as a single in 1973. Now issued as a sublime 8 minute track, this originally appeared as the A/B side to a 45, issued on the Phillips label. What I love about this song is the hypnotic looping melody that keeps it all ticking! From this, everything pivots; drums gently simmer and shuffle, whilst horns come and go in explosive waves.  It’s the loud/soft dynamic gives each part definition, the repetition a mesmerising hook! Check it out above!

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