SONG OF THE DAY Os Ipanemas – Nanã

If you want to summon the sunshine, Nanã is a great place to start! In fact, the whole record from which this song comes is like a blast of heady sunshine; add to this enough time to play the record all the way through and you will be basking in sunbeams before you know it…even if its raining outside!

In the 1960s Os Ipanemas changed the face of Brazilian music with their Afro Samba sound. Consisting of Astor Silva (trombone) Marinho (bass) Wilson das Neves (one Brazil’s most prolific drummers), Rubens Bassini (percussion) and Neco (an unassuming genius of bossa nova guitar), they released only one album in the 1960’s. The now cult record, Os Ipanemas was released on CBS records in 1964. Recorded in Rio, this iconic album fuses Bossa nova, Brazilian samba, African rhythms and Jazz.  It’s a rhythmic delight and cleanses the senses like a warm tropical breeze.

This record was the result of a 1964 jam session organised by Astor Silva and Wilson Das Neves and the idea behind the record was to break the traditional Bossa trio mould and create instead a harder edged Jazz and bossa sound that allowed for more soloing and improvisation. All these years later Os Ipanemas is recognised as one of the records that shaped the sound of Brazilian music; it was way ahead of its time and introduced a shapely form to the newly emerging bossa nova movement. Sadly, however, the album seemed to radical for its time and was largely overlooked for many years….until recently! 

Thankfully, the brilliance of this record has since been identified and revered and Mr Bongo released the whole album in 1995 and then again in 2012. They have also been kind enough to share the album in it’s entirety on their Soundcloud page; this I’ve pasted below! Listen to the sensational Nanã above and check out the rest of the record below and if you fancy grabbing a copy, you can find that here.

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