SONG OF THE DAY Thai Orchestra – Track One

Today’s song may not be full of twists, turns or sonic acrobatics, but this steady, heady incantation is deep, soothing and a very good for losing yourself in!  Shrouded in mystery, I cannot tell you too much about The Thai Orchestra, only that they originally issued this, along with nine other “untitled” tracks, on a an album in 2000. The record was an eponymous self-release and at the time the band were going by the name Siamese Temple Ball (for anyone interested, I’ve included the full album below), but later changed their title to The Thai Orchestra – or The 70’s Thai Orchestra as I’ve seen written in some places.

Seven years later the same record was issued on the Portland, Oregon label, Mississippi Records – though this album only has six tracks, so I’m not sure if only some of the songs were reissued? I guess it doesn’t help when each song has just been named “Untitled”….but I love a good mystery and am always happy to hear from anyone if they can tell me more?!  The good news is that this Siamese Temple Ball album is still available online, so if you like, you can check out the rest of the record! Listen and lose yourself above!

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