SONG OF THE DAY Dope Lemon – Hey You

Angus Stone is an Australian folk singer-songwriter, record producer and audio-engineer known for being one half of Angus & Julia Stone (Julia Stone being his sister). He released his debut solo album in 2009 under the pseudonym, Lady of the Sunshine and now records under the moniker of Dope Lemon – Dope Lemon definitely being the more psychedelic side to Stones multi-faceted musical personalities!

It was 2016 when Stone began recording under the moniker Dope Lemon and that same year he also released his debut album, Honey Bones. This venture allowed him to experiment with more down-tempo groves and subtle guitar melodies, whilst allowing him to explore other haze-rock avenues. 2019 saw the release of second album, Smooth Big Cat and, whilst I’ve not heard the whole record yet, what I know is that the rest of this record may struggle to compete with opening track, Hey You!  This song emits copious amounts of intoxicating dreaminess over its near four and a half minutes of hypnotic headiness and leaves you a little giddy ….It’s just a bit of cool….

Check it out above and watch the accompanying video below..

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