SONG OF THE DAY The Werps – Voodoo Doll

When I first heard Voodoo Doll, I didn’t immediately think it was that ‘old’, let alone that it flipside to the 1967 fiery garage-rock corker that is Love’s a Fire….but it is! Voodoo Doll is a real contrast to the the other two tracks that The Werps recorded in the late 1960’s….but they only issued one single so its hard to compare in depth.

The Werps recorded one 45 for the WGW label of Somerville, New Jersey in 1967.  Together with Love’s a Fire and Shades of Blue came Voodoo Doll. All songs were written by James Serenko and John Matzko, with production at the hands of Geno Viscione…..and now here comes a really interesting and unexpected connection that I didn’t anticipate!!! Geno Visicone was also known as Eugene Visicone, and I’ve featured one of his songs in my blog post before!! You can find that here – It’s a great track too!!! I love love love it when things piece together like this! I also love the slightly raw and yet deliciously digestible sounds of Voodoo Doll!  Check it out above.

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