SONG OF THE DAY Evil – From A Curbstone

Evil – not “The Evil” – were a Florida garage-psych four-piece that were active in the early to mid-1960’s. Sharing the bill with the likes of The Strawberry Alarm Clock, this rockin’ quartet soon gained a large reginal following and were subsequently signed to Capitol Records.  The band issued their first single, Whatcha Gonna Do About It (b/w Always Runnin’ Around) in 1967, and this reached number eighty on Billboard!

Soon after the release of this 45, three of the four members received draft notices which, regretfully, ended the band’s all-too-short musical venture! Interestingly though, today’s song was actually recorded prior to their single for Capitol, but was never actually released….until 2012!

From what I can gather the two sides to this 45, (“From A Curbstone” and “Short Life”) were recorded in 1966, but soon after this the demo acetates went missing!  In an article I’ve found, which details the band’s history extensively, the reason these lost tracks were finally found was all thanks to a Norwegian top 60s collector called Tage Weie. He was cool and determined enough to get in touch with the bandleader John Doyle and managed to convince Doyle to finally release the two songs. These were issued in 2012 when Florida Archive Recordings put these tracks out for the first time!!! Of course there is more to this story, but you can read this in the article I’ve linked in above.

THANK YOU TAGE WEIE!!!! Thank you for helping to unearth this CRACKING piece of garage rock history! These songs easily rate amongst the finest from the 60s and are far better (in my opinion) than the tracks they later released for Capitol Records!! Listen and enjoy above.

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