SONG OF THE DAY Anbessa Orchestra – Werik’i (Gold)

“Werk’i (Gold) is a song that reflects back on moments of pure love. Enjoy!…”

Today’s song had only been on for a few seconds, but I knew straight away it was headed somewhere deep, I could feel it in my soul. Whether it be a person, a song or whatever it is that gives you that instant feeling of connection, it’s a beautiful feeling when it happens! This, Anbessa Orchestra, is how you have made me feel tonight!

(Self) Released two years ago Werik’i ( translating as Gold) is a song by a 7-piece group called Anbessa Orchestra. Based in New York, the band are still in their relative infancy, but boast a sound that is far beyond their years. Their sound draws inspiration from the beautiful music of Ethiopia, taking influence from Ethiopian funk tunes from the 1960’s-70’s and fusing it with the more western sounds of Funk, Jazz, R&B and Rock.  The result is an eruption of truly glorious, euphoric and explosive sonic bliss!

Designed to “take the listener to a musical journey from Addis to Brooklyn, the band’s deep grooves and tight horn lines emanate the sounds of 60’s-70’s Ethiopia while still retaining an original voice….” What is also very, very cool is that the band have played alongside legendary Ethiopian keyboardist/composer, Hailu Mergia!!… now that is something!!!!

To date, the band have released one (self) released album (Negestat translating as “Kings”), an EP and a handful of singles; all of which I am currently working my way though, and all of which I’m loving every minute of so far!!!

Werik’i was issued as a single in February 2020 and has been described by the band as “a reflective ballad moving us to time of pure love”.  This sentiment comes through immediately as the song greets you with the biggest embrace of melodic jubilation, enveloping you in its arms of sanctity, solace and joy! Soaring brass boldly dances with a flighty delicate flute melody and this contrasting unity is nothing short of beautiful and striking dream!!

Check it out above and if you fancy grabbing yourself a copy of today’s song, you can find this here. If you also fancy checking out Anbessa Orchestra’s back catalogue (can highly recommend), you can find that here! For your pleasure I have also included some live footage of the band below!

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