SONG OF THE DAY Mehr Pooya – Ghabileh-ye Lily

R-10330487-1643217997-5617Never ever a dull moment when it comes to music!! Tonight’s random find comes courtesy of an Iranian musician called, Mehrpouya (or Mehrpoya, Mehrpooya, Mehrpuya, Mehr Pooya – according to transcripts of the Persian مهرپویا).

Mehr Pooya was poet, translator, actor and multi-instrumentalist (guitarist, organist, sitar and santur player) who has been credited with introducing the sounds of the sitar to popular music in Iran! His talents are rather vast and though I’ve only just touched the surface when it comes to discovering his musical magic, I plan to delve a LOT deeper! This is lovely!!

According to sources, Mehr Pooya apparently had the habit of using natural instruments in his creations, utilising anything from bones or pots for percussion! How cool is that??!!! He was also known for composing and performing the music and songs for the Iranian cinema, providing his mesmerising sound to films such as Battle with Satan and The Love Thief!! His musical repertoire looks rather hearty too, with releases spanning right from the early-1960’s, to the late 1970’s..and possibly beyond?

A-1737255-1609616498-6444Today’s song, entitled Ghabileh-ye Lily, was released in 1974 on an Iranian label called, Ahang Rooz and also, more recently, featured on a cool compilation called Psych Funk 101It’s a little funk firecracker though and it’s hard to think this is the same artist when you listen to some of his more folkier, sitar-based sound! I love how versatile Mehr Pooya was; love the style crossover’s, love the heavy percussion and love the pure (almost disco) groove to today’s little beauty!!  I can’t listen to this without thinking that Papa Was a Rolling Stone is going to burst out though!  Check it out above.

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