SONG OF THE DAY Traffic Sound – Meshkalina

Having heard today’s stomper a good while back, I could’ve sworn I’d already featured this but just as well I checked, it would appear that the wonders of Meshkalina has never made it onto the LP blog…until now!

Traffic Sound were a Peruvian psych-rock outfit from Lima, Peru, who were founded in 1967 by Manuel Sanguinetti (vocals), Freddy Rizo Patrón (rhythm guitar), Jean Pierre Magnet (sax), Willy Barclay (Willy “Wilito” Barclay) (lead guitar), Willy Thorne (bass) and Luis Nevares (Luis “Lucho” Nevares) (drums).  They all met whilst at school and acquired their band name after a particular traffic light (a souvenir of a wild night in Lima) found its way to the attic of Rizo-Patróns house, where they held their practices!

Influenced by the sounds that were coming out of the UK and US, they started out playing mainly covers – especially those by the likes of The Doors, Cream and Jimi Hendrix – but by their third album they were releasing all self-penned songs! Their 1969 Virgin LP (1969) was this very album and is considered a masterpiece of Latin rock. Combining psychedelia, hard rock, a hint of progressive rock and Latin tinges, this record was a defining release for the band

Taken from the record comes the mighty Meshkalina, a track with references to Incan culture which became an anthem of the period and spread across the whole of Peru. The LP turned out to be a great success and was even released in the US! It’s no wonder really, this sound nails psych-rock with a giant hammer of sonic vibrancy!

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