SONG OF THE DAY Question Mark & The Mysterians – Up Side

I would imagine that today’s little baby had no problem’s turning heads in its day (or any day for that matter), it’s just hyper-cool all the way through!

Up Side was one of twelve tracks to make it onto the ? and the Mysterians (or Question Mark and the Mysterians) debut album, which was released on Philadelphia label, Cameo Records in 1966. The band formed in the early 1960’s and, with a passion of all things garage, emerged in a  union of electric organ-driven, psych-rock.

Their name and image was inspired by the 1957 Japanese sci-fi film, The Mysterians and their sound, marked by raw-resonating lead vocals, was considered pioneering.  The Mysterians were one of the earliest groups with a musical style to be described as punk rock and their music and imagery were highly influential on later bands.

The title track from their 96 Tears debut full-length became a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and shot the band into immediate stardom. Their album followed and also drew positive media attention, but the band were unable to replicate this success with later recording and are classed by some as “one hit wonders”. It didn’t help that in 1969 their label, Cameo-Parkway, were shut down for stock manipulation; this subsequently eradicated their contract and the band lost all of their money! By 1969 the group had disbanded, but in the mid-1980’s they reunited and released additional material right into the 1990’s!!  In 2004, 96 Tears was listed at number 210 on the 2004 Rolling Stone list “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”….Though I still rate Up Side more!! Listen above.

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