SONG OF THE DAY Clem Sacco – The African Cry

Clem Sacco, aka Clement Sacco was an Italian singer born in Cairo, Egypt in 1933. His musical repertoire spanned over an impressive fifty years, but today’s song is the only one I know! This little nugget came to me by accident one evening whilst I was off on tangent searching for something else (no doubt).

Described as an “Italian 50’s madman”, he was also known as a “man ahead of his time”: too much for late 50’s Italy and for the conservative journalists and small-town (then) unenlightened record producers of the time. This man was a forerunner of Italian rock!!!

Inspired by the likes of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Wee Willie Harris and especially Gene Vincent, his sound and style was both pioneering and unique! His performances were apparently “wild and savage”, whilst his lyrics are “weird and sharp”.  Unfortunately today’s song doesn’t demonstrate his lyrical prowess as it’s an instrumental, but it does offer-up some very enticing guitar skills as they pluck and pull out some rather dreamy melodies!! The African Cry was released

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