SONG OF THE DAY The Reflections (Les Refletts) – Poem (Jean Peysson)

PrimaryI can’t always guarantee that you will like all that I post on here, but what I can promise is that it will invariably be something off the beaten track…more often than not, that is. The world is full of random music and so many of my discoveries are chance finds after extensive searching. Tonight’s offering is one of them.

If I knew what this man was saying, would I find it as appealing? I don’t know? Maybe someone who understands French can shed some light on this poetry? It’s got that little magic something about it though? The expression in that spoken word against the backdrop of that delicate plucked guitar melody and the percussion! Ahhh, that sweet, sweet drumming! That (unexpected) showering of rhythmic pattering’s makes all the difference, adding another layer in this sonic sandwich of dreaminess!!! Tasty!!

Poeme (Jean Peysson) is a track that features on an album called The Reflections, also by an artist/band called The Reflections (Les Refletts).  Issued on a French label called Jef, there are sources which estimate the release date of this record as 1972? Alongside three other EP’s this is the only full-length offering from this artist who, by the looks of it, has created some songs with religious connections? Not that I should let that put me off!…hmm…. I have no idea what the rest of this music sounds like, but I like the mystical conjuration this particular song inspires.  I cannot shed too much light on The Reflections, but a French singer of Spanish descent called Daniel Fernández (a.k.a Nilda Fernandez) is named as the only band member? I hope you like?

**Update to post – 23.9.22**

Thank you to the person who has interpreted this song!! I am happy say that yes, now I know the translation, I do still find this track as appealing! How cool is that!! I’ve transcribed the original and the translation below:

Mon dieu.
Mon doux dieu
Mon calme dieu
Ce soir est un soir de pluie
Où s’étendent les eaux dans les rues
Ce soir est un soir de noirceur
Bien que de mille gouttes pleuvent mille paleurs
Mon dieu
Je te bénis pour ce que tu donnes
Et je te bénis pour ce que tu retranches
Car ta main ne faiblit ni d’un côté, ni d’un autre.
Je te bénis pour les joies et pour les pleurs,
Pour les jours et pour les nuits
Pour l’amour et la douleur
Je t’aime pour des jours et Je te bénis pour des siècles d’éternité.

Je t’aime pour l’olivier couleur de cendres,
Et le bois couleur de pourpre, et le roc où fut son corps.
Je t’aime car tu pardonnes. Ta paix est de justice. Malheur à celui qui te hait, et la haine, seigneur, benis-là.
Pour pauvres sont ceux qui te haïssent mon Dieu.
Aie pitié d’eux.
Qu’au jour du jugement il y en est si peu seigneur qu’ils ne tiennent qu’en une mer et qu’un seul océan. Et que les justes couvrent toute la terre.

My God
My sweet god
My calm God
Tonight is a rainy night
Where waters spread into the streets
Tonight is a night of darkness
Even if from a thousand drops, rain a thousand of pallors
My God
I bless you for what you give
And I bless you for what you take away
Because your hand never falters from one side nor the other.

Dear Lord,
I bless you for joy and tears,
For days and nights,
For love and pain,
I love you for days, and I bless you for centuries of eternity.

I love you for the ashe-colored Oliver tree, and the crimson wood, and the rock where laid his body.
I love you because you forgive. Your peace is justice. Misfortune to whoever hates you, and the hate, dear lord, bless it.
As poor are the ones who hate you, Dear Lord,
Bless them.
On judgment day, may they be so few that they’re confined in a sole sea, sole ocean, and the righteous ones covering the whole Earth.

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