SONG OF THE DAY The Routes – Kapow!

Primary“No gimmick, no bullshit… Stomp’n’Grind Garage Rock, Garage Punk, Surf, Rhythm and Blues, Psych… Whatever the hell WE want to hear!”       (The Routes)

Though The Routes’ sound may be rooted in the past, their music is very much a part of the present and their pulse-shaking concoctions make the perfect feast for any ear!

Based in the mountains of Oita, Japan, the band have been about since the early 2000’s, but over the years have undergone various band member changes. Their traditional approach to music celebrates the blues, the British invasion and the classic sounds of American garage-psych punk – with a bit of surf, R&B thrown in for good measure. Whatever they do, they do it authentically and they do what they like!!

To date, the band’s line-up consists of Chris Jack (Guitar / Organ / Percussion / Vocals),
Bryan Styles (Drums / Percussion) and Toru Nishimuta (Bass), with their latest album appearing earlier this summer on German subsidiary (to Soundflat Records), Topsy Turvy Records. The Twang Machine is playing right now and boasts some delightful covers, including Kraftwerk’s Tour De France!

Today’s song, however, appears on an instrumental offering they put out a year ago entitled Instrumentals ll, which draws on a multitude of influences from the 1950’s to now! It is also a special album because (in the words of the label): “It’s a true homage to one of the most important Japanese guitar player and composer, Takeshi Terauchi. The sleeve was inspired in one of our favourite albums he did in the 70’s with The Blue Jeans, Rashomon…” 

Featured track Kapow! is energised surf-mania at its finest and rolls along on tidal waves of crashing percussion and a fierce gathering of snarling guitars. It’s a mighty fine, fast and forceful frolic!! Check it out above and if you fancy checking out the rest of the album, you can do that here! Enjoy!

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