SONG OF THE DAY The Briks – Its Your Choice

R-13076631-1547640979-8437There are two versions of today’s song in existence and the general consensus seems to err towards the more rough and gruff version out of the two….I definitely fall into this category and I’ll go into both versions in a moment.

Based in Denton, Texas, The Briks emerged in the mid-1960’s and came from a band called the Embers, who formed at Texas Tech in Lubbock in 1965. Featuring Cecil Cotton on vocals, Chris Vandercolt on drums, Jamie Herndon on guitar, Lee Hardesty on guitar and Mike Maroney on bass, the band were only active (sadly) for a couple of years before various things (such as being drafted in the military) took them in different directions.

Their first recording was distributed on acetates only, which is a crying shame because their first single just happened to include today’s SUPERB song! Both I’m Losing and It’s Your Choice are fantastic, classic garage numbers and to say that it’s a pity they will never be available on vinyl is a slight understatement! Both tracks were released via Sellers Company Recording Studios (a Dallas, Texas recording studio owned by pioneering sound engineer J. E. “Pop” Sellers).

Which now brings me to both versions of It’s Your Choice! One plays out at a faster pace and features a twelve-string guitar (see below). The other has a a much tougher sound and though both versions are grand, I do like the more rough-round-the-edges version. On this Cecil’s vocals are nothing less than menacing and the band generates such an ominous, intense sound with Mike Meroney’s repetitive bass line which is offset by the jangling guitar and rolling drum fills. Then there’s that magic, howling guitar solo and a VERY cool break with just the bass, drums and handclaps….ahh…Lovely stuff!! Check it out above!!

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