SONG OF THE DAY Shy Kids – ® o c k e t s

“Life is sweet when everything is made of candy…until things go sour”

This is the bittersweet message that the Toronto-based band Shy Kids want to get across in their brand new single, “® o c k e t s”.  Taken taken from their debut LP ‘Lofty’ which came out only a few days ago, this is the first we have heard from the band since they originally appeared in 2012 with their three-track EP.

To accompany their new single, Shy Kids have also created their own video which tells an apocalyptic story about a world that is made purely of candy, it’s a visual delight.  The band have proven themselves to be talented in many different fields and you can really tell they know a thing or two about visual arts from this video!  Talking about their video the band described how,

“The idea for the video came about when we started thinking about what eating candy signifies,” the band explains. “This sweet sugary poison that you ingest that makes you feel so good. What consequences there are to live in a world made of that substance. It took us nine months and $600 worth of candy. Shout out to SUGAR MOUNTAIN and Bulk Barn. We still have all the candy, don’t know what to do with it – it’s pretty stale now.”

This new single has a kaleidoscopic, happy go lucky feel to it which bursts and drops like a fairground ride, leaving your soaring high one minute and dipping low the next.  Its a feel good indie-pop song and, like the rest of the album, is definitely worth a listen.

‘Lofty’ is available as a free download right now and can be found here

Check out the bands website here

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