SONG OF THE DAY Guy Fox – Antique Furniture

Oakland 4-piece Guy Fox have just released their long awaited debut LP ‘Night Owl’ and, upon first listen, it definitely has the potential to be worth the wait.

Night Owl was recorded at San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone Studios with the help of recording engineer/composer and performer James Riotto and has been described by the band and Riotto as ‘truly a studio record’.

Guy Fox lead guitarist Greg Waters had this to say of the release:

“We’ve been working on this record- our first full-length album in San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone studios for close to two years and finally are going to share it with everybody.  Thanks to everybody that has asked us about finally getting this record out there- we think it’ll have been worth the wait!”

Opening track ‘Antique Furniture’ sets the standards high with its dynamic steady blend of melodic synths, punctuated saxophone bursts and soulful vocals.  It’s a great way to kick off the album with it’s upbeat soaring vibe and sunshiny feel and going by what I’ve heard so far, this fresh feel seems set to continue through all 11 tracks which makes for an really bright and easy listen.

Night Owl is available now as a ‘name your price’ download and can be found here

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