SONG OF THE DAY The Buttertones – Lemonade

buttertonesThis band grabbed my attention back in August, so when I heard that they had released another album this week I was only too pleased to give it a listen.

The Buttertones are a young LA-based, 5-piece who arrived in the winter of 2012 in a psychedelic haze of fuzzed-out garage rock, reviving the supersonic sounds of the 50’s and 60’s in a blast of melodic, retro reverence as they make their way.

Successfully creating a sound that spreads itself over a selection of genres, the Buttertones merge together the nostalgic sounds of psych-rock with dreamy doo wop serenades; but this is not music that replicates, it recreates and does so in a truly authentic and original form.  Brimming with warm melodic hooks and a blissful light-hearted feel, their music is built around an energetic and lively pulse, it’s an exhilarating listen.

Their new LP, released this Friday, is titled American Brunch and is now available to purchase from here.  I’ve played the album through at least twice this morning and found it to be a really pleasing listen.  Its wild in places with an agile beat and lively edge, whilst tracks like ‘Baby Doll’ slow down the pace with its swinging, meandering, doo-wop feel.

Today’s song is titled ‘Lemonade’ and is a track that danced its way into a couple of replays with its warming, attractive melody.  Vocally it sits somewhere neatly between Jim Morrison and Neil Hannon, flitting between the bluesy yells of longing and the lulls of heartfelt crooning, it’s a catchy, it’s upbeat and perfect for this sunny Sunday morning.  Listen above.


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